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Sarv forum


The "Sarv" forum was launched in 2007 unofficially with an endeavor of Mrs. payam Khadem Saba, Accompanied by a number of staff of the Water and Wastewater Company of Varamin.


Initially, the focus of the activities was in cooperation with two centers: “caring of children deprived of guardianship center of Fayyaz bakhsh” and “Protection of Children with Disabilities center of Bahonar”, and the members' contributions and membership fees were spent on these two centers. With the increase in the number of members and the expansion of the field of activities, this center independently supports the provision of children deprived of guardianship and needy children at the regional level. And in 2013, his license was received from state Welfare Organization of Iran and was registered with number 313, called "Sarv Omid Aftab".


Our belief is that education or vocational training is the only way out of the cycle of poverty and frustration impasse and the only hole that can provide tomorrow's change for children who are bitter today. In this regard, it seems necessary to create an appropriate training platform for these children.


How can a child imagine calmly to studying and acquirement, which he is undergoing, in a host of painful consequences of poverty, such as addiction, illness, family anomalies, and livelihood problems. In this regard, in the form of various plans, we try to improve the condition of children's lives; we have a proper foundation for the motivation to study and its continuity in our children's area of coverage.


Our vision is to create an appropriate environment to change the future of the children who spend their lives with bitterness and darkness in the anonymous and extinct alley of Varamin; but they have sweet and happy aspirations like all the children of this land.


Help us in this way, collaborating on the plans and activities of the forum.



Activities and Plans


A child's virtual parenting plan

In this plan, you can take care of a child in a virtual way from among children deprived of guardianship or single-parent children who do not have adequate livelihoods, and support him by paying a monthly fee of 1500000 to 2000000 R, which varies according to the age and needs of the child. 

 With this amount, the child will first be covered by life insurance, which will be considered as a bankroll for her career, education and marriage. Particularly with regard to the problem of the marriage of underage girls under the pressure of the family, this reserve capital is very helpful.

The rest is also used to cover the cost of education, medical treatment and child welfare and the attendance of children's education plans.




Treatment plan in Sarv forum

The first need for children is a healthy and painless body. In the treatment plan of this center, by providing grants of surgery operations, hospital and outpatient treatments, medicines and ... we are trying to improve children as quickly as possible and return them to the studying and educational environment. Educational interfaces also provide necessary coordination with the schools during the course of treatment. On the other hand, private Tutoring is provided to these children to compensate for the backwardness of the lessons. In this plan, the first priority for us is the sick children. Mothers of the head of household, the parents of the child and the sister or brother, are our next priorities for the treatment plan, respectively.



Family empowerment plan

It is a very Wrong impression to think that it would be possible to support a child or provide him with a better future by providing his education and vocational training without regard to the Family circumstances and the environment in which the child lives and grows. How could you expect the child to have learning motivation and enough concentration on studying in a cold or without heater house, or a child whose mother has fallen ill and unable to attend?

We believe that there is a need for a suitable platform that promotes studying motivation and effort in children, and also requires minimal health, mental and livelihood facilities. In this plan, children's families are indirectly supported.

In the first step, the treatment of severe diseases of family members is considered and then the basic needs of the family are provided, such as the needs for essential life appliances such as refrigerators, gas and heaters. After that, the crucial and fundamental phase begins, namely the attempt to empower the child's family, So that the family will be able to meet its financial needs.

In this regard, we are trying to make the family independent in terms of earning money and have Monetization Power and creating an appropriate environment for studying of children, by providing training courses possibilities such as hairdressing, sewing and carpet weaving for mothers of the head of the family or professions such as welding, mechanical and turning for older children of the family.



Little Happiness Plan

Recreation and happiness are the necessities of childhood; but the creation of moments that could be a small excuse for happiness seems more Vital, for children who are involved in the early years of life, with the bitterness and biting of Problems caused by poverty and their relief for happiness disappears with the burden of responsibility and grief of family problems and it does not remain refreshing for playing and Amusement space.

In the little happiness schema, we try to restore the lost childhood happiness to their world, sometimes by buying small gifts as educational or festive awards, or fulfilling some little dreams or a happy day is provided to them by holding recreational tours, to forget, for at least one day, the bitter whirlwind around them and playfully smile to life.

To support this project, you can collaborate with us by subscribing to or paying out the amount of money.




Sun Plan (Allowance for the Treatment of Addicted Children)

Addiction is one of the worst consequences of financial and cultural poverty. Unfortunately, wherever problems caused by poverty are widespread and rooted, there is a good basis for getting addicted, especially among youth and adolescents. The number of children with addiction is increasing. Many of these infected children become addicted without their own involvement in this decision for various reasons and by their parents or their addict caretakers.

We try to restore the standard of living condition of this group of children and adolescents, thus allowing them to be treated in an appropriate environment and then accompany them until they return to their normal life and education space. Counselors have been pursuing for a long time, psychiatric and emotional support after leaving addiction, as well as auxiliary training to compensate for the backwardness of the lessons, medical care and Control of their living space and conditions, in coordination with school officials.

To cooperate with this plan can help us now, through the payment of fees to cover the costs of hospitalization for children and adolescents in special camps, or If possible, by giving psychological counseling, Helping in the field of addiction withdrawal and tutoring lessons, inform our assistants to work with us.



Children boarding house plan

Due to the lack of a boarding house for girls in the province of Varamin and the numerous problems caused by it, including the lack of proper caring of girls without a guardian or poor guardian and the special sensitivity of this problem especially for girls, the Sarv Center aims to establish a childhood home for the caring of girls in the age group of 0 to 7 years and 7 to 12 years after the administrative procedures and obtaining the necessary permits.

At the moment, with the administrative follow-up to obtaining a permit, efforts are under way to provide an appropriate land for the establishment of this place.



Afghan Child Protection Plan

Afghan children are guests of our land. Despite all the rigors of not issuing a residence card, a lack of education and work permit, and thousands of prohibition and other hidden and obvious humiliation, some Afghan families are still refusing to return to their country. Perhaps the fate they are waiting for is far worse than what they experience in Iran. Many of these children are the result of an Afghan father's marriage and an Iranian mother. Some of these children are abandoned by their fathers and are left alone with a single mother and with a lot of problems and Humiliation caused by afghan descent.

In this plan, Afghan families are identified that they have a residence card but they do not have a suitable livelihood status or families who do not have a residence card and do not provide them with any possibility of return and are supported in the fields of obtaining a residence card, family counseling, education and treatment for children.

To support this plan, in addition to donations and cash payments, you can also cooperate with us on counseling or education for children.



Introducing training plan

The focus of our forum is on children's education. In this plan, our effort is to enable children to continue their education.

The main objectives of the project are education in the field of children studying, life skills training for children, or individual capacity development.

In this project, we work in different sections in a special way.

In order to help them continue their education, we pay full educational Costs for them because they do not have to Drop-out due to financial problems and do not have to work in childhood.

In the other part, children with poor academic performances are trained in the reinforcement classes until they can successfully pass their exams.

The another part of the training program involves holding various workshops for children, including to enhancing individual abilities, self-esteem and creativity that children can increase their individual skills by participating in these workshops and prepare them for a healthy lifestyle.



معرفی طرح درمان

این طرح مخصوص کودکانی است که به بیماری های مختلفی مانند سوء تغذیه، ناراحتی های کلیه، قلبی، گوارشی و بیمار های خاصی مانند ام اس یا سرطان مبتلا هستند و توانایی مالی برای تامین هزینه های درمان آنان وجود ندارد.

طرح سرپرستی مجازی

 در این طرح می توانید از بین کودکان بی سرپرست یا کودکان تک سرپرستی که از شرایط معیشتی مناسب برخوردار نیستند و یا کودکانی که والدینشان به دلایل مختلف امکان  سرپرستی از آن ها را ندارند، یک نفر را انتخاب کرده و مبلغی را به صورت ماهانه واریز نمایید. 

طرح توانمندسازی خانواده

در این طرح، خانواده های کودکان به صورت غیر مستقیم مورد حمایت قرار می گیرند. در درجه اول کمک به درمان بیماری های سخت افراد خانواده در اولویت قرار دارد، پس از آن رفع نیازهای اساسی خانواده مانند وسایل ضروری زندگی و سپس، سعی در توانمند سازی خانواده کودک برای رفع نیازهای مالی خویش است.

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